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This wiki is for the use of Current and Future students of Accounting, Bookkeeping and Banking at Granville college of TAFE.

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Future Students

For future students this site offers information about courses, enrolments, and teacher contacts

Course List

A list of Accounting, Bookkeeping and Banking Courses at Granville college of TAFE

Enrolment Information

Enrolment - enrol online and pay fees before classes start.

Enrolment for Sem 2 2016 is now happening. Come into the College and see the staff in B201

Cost of the courses can now be calculated via the Smart and Skilled Website.
Those with overseas qualifications or extensive Accounting work experience;
Challenge test information;
Test 1 up to Trial Balance with balance day adjustments for accrual accounting;

Re-Enrolment Information for returning students

Calendar - classes start on Monday11 July 2016


Booklist- Text books must be purchased before your first class.

Textbooks are needed for the first lesson.

Orientation presentation

Forwarding your tafe email to your personal email -

Forward your DEC emails

You may already have an email address that you use regularly. You can choose to forward your DEC student email ( to your preferred email address automatically.
This will mean that your TAFE emails will automatically go to the email address address of your choice.
1. Login to the DEC portal student account.
2. Click on the email link.
3. Follow these instructions.

Student's Guide to Assessment

Student Assessment Guide 2013

Teachers Contact List

A list of Head Teachers and Teachers for Accounting, Bookkeeping and Banking
Teachers Contact List

Current Students

For current students this site is the gateway to your class Wiki.

Accounting Students

First visit to the Wiki

If this is your first visit to the site as a current semester student, you will need to register as a member in the course wikis (eg. Cert IV) by creating a Username and Password using your first initial then your last name. Please type your student number in the comment box.

Student returning to Wiki

If you are a returning student who has already registered in one of the accounting stages wiki's then you will be prompted to enter your Username and Password.
Then choose "Class materials..." to find the subject you wish to access. Click on that subject for the wiki page for the subject.
Select the stage of the accounting course that you are currently enrolled in from the four options below or at the bottom of the "Wikispace Menu" on the left of this page.

Stage 1 Accounting - Cert III
Stage 2 Accounting - Cert IV
Stage 3 Accounting - Diploma
Stage 4 Accounting - Advanced Diploma

Student Survey 2016

Other Information

Student Services Guide

Resit - Costs now apply

The procedure outlines the process for, and costing of the:

* Repeat of a whole Unit of competency where the learner attends training.

Fee calculation is determined at the College Customer Service Office.

  • Resit of a unit assessment/s for a particular unit of competency where the learner does not attend training. Fee of $120 for each unit where resit of assessment/s is required.

The first attempt on a unit of competency under Smart and Skilled is included in the course fees charged to the learner on enrolment. A separate fee is applicable for all requests for repeat enrolments and assessment of the same unit of competency.

This procedure does not apply to learners who enrolled in a unit and did not start or participate in the unit of competence and formally withdrew prior to class commencing, or to learners who attempted units prior to Smart and Skilled

Higher Education

Higher Education Options

Other Wikis

Bookkeeping and Banking Students

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Granville Bookkeeping Wiki

Granville Banking Wiki



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